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The average person with a luxury Miami home for sale likes to think they can roll up their sleeves, plant a sign in their yard, or post an ad on craigslist then sell their home for top dollar on nothing more than the beauty of their home or condo’s view.

And there’s a pretty good reason that people try to go it alone: When your Miami luxury home or condo sells, there is the not insignificant matter of the real estate commission that has to be paid. This can add up to as much as tens of thousands of dollars, depending on the price your Miami home sells for.

While you might want to save a few bucks on real estate commissions, it’s crucial that you understand that the commission isn’t a cost. It’s an investment.


The reality is, tremendous effort goes into selling your luxury Miami home. First, you want to work with a qualified real estate professional who will learn all about your home. Then, when that’s done, serious brainpower goes into analyzing current real estate trends (and market realities), then pricing the home at a level that is just high enough to grab the attention of prospective buyers… but not so high that would-be buyers will run the other way.

At this point, your Miami luxury real estate agent is just getting warmed up.

Then it’s time to put together a compelling marketing plan, customized to your home, that’s designed in a way that encourages as much interest as possible from the buying public.


If you’ve ever tried to sell a luxury Miami home or condo, you’re probably well aware that on any given day there are thousands of homes for sale in the greater Miami area. This means competition – for you and your home.

Not to mention the fact that if you get a showing based on any marketing you manage to put together, you’ll have to endure watching perfect strangers wander through your home, poking their heads into closets and other private areas.

So if you aren’t totally committed to figuring out how to sell your home – and have a winning master plan for selling your home quickly – your home will languish on the market, unsold.

The nasty little secret about selling your Miami luxury condo or home is that it takes a tremendous amount of local market savvy, marketing skills, and an incredible degree of negotiating skill to move a luxury Miami home from “For Sale” to “Sold”.

If you’re not up to the task, I strongly encourage you to work with a skilled, qualified Miami real estate agent. Not just any real estate agent, but one with the passion for getting you the best deal possible… where your home can be sold at the highest possible price… with the least amount of frustration and inconvenience possible.

To learn more about how Juan Leal and his team of talented, tenacious real estate professionals can help you sell your Miami luxury home or condo more quickly that you thought possible – and at the right price – go here now and talk to Juan or a member of his team.

The real estate market in miami is volatile, especially lately, and it takes an experienced professional to move your house quickly, professionally, and profitably.

When you’ve decided to sell, I will be your advocate, your guide, and your fierce negotiator. I will work hard to make yours a great sale.

I look forward to it.


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