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Premium Rental Plan

Our Lifestyle Premium Renters Plan is designed to provide complete customized professional service to you encompassing your needs while you search for your new home and includes the

Initial Consultation

Sending a list of properties is easy, but we take the additional time to go over listings with you in person or online, educate you on the market conditions and the rental progress. We believe in making the right offer the first time so you don’t have to lose your dream home or have unrealistic expectations of what is possible.

HD Video Tours

With our Full High Definition Video Tours we bring the listings to your home. We have the latest in advanced photography equipment and wide angle lenses to make sure you see the homes we tour as you were back there and even check out some new listings in our youtube real estate channel. How many times have you wanted to look back at a property you have seen? Or maybe your partner, roommate etc is not able to come to the showing?

Cover letter submitted with all offers

Most landlords have a vested interest in keeping a long term stable tenant in their property. With our persuasive and custom heart felt cover letters we can provide them basic information about you and connect with them to inspire confidence in the transaction thereby saving money each month and staying the top choice in any multiple offer situation.

Financial Qualification

Many offers in today’s competitive rental market are weak because agents fail to provide credit reports and financial information to landlords. We can be more aggressive in our negations so you don’t have to pay top dollar. We help you gather the documents and prepare an offer package that will put your best foot forward.

Privacy Guard with Secured Self-Disclosure Credit Reports

With identify theft on the rise we must be careful now more then ever with our personal information. We have policies in place to secure all our communications such as redacting or deleting your social, account, license numbers etc from any documents we send to the other parties. Our credit report system allows you to get your own credit and then grant us limited access of your score and profile. This system does not share your social security numbers with us and also avoids a hard credit check, which often reduces your credit score by a few points.

E-Sign All digital signature and online document management

In today’s market place some deals get rented within hours so instead of running to the office or firing up your old printer that hasn’t worked since 1996 to scan & fax a contract. You can now sign everything online from the comfort of your computer or mobile device. We help you avoid the stress and time so you can do what is most important to you while also protecting the environment.

Strategy Sessions

Sometimes needs and expectations change after we first speak and life gets in the way of your search, in order to make sure we stay on track to find you the perfect apartment home in the time frame you want, we provide you a phone strategy session every 2-3 weeks because emails, text and listing alerts may not get to the root of your concerns.

Independent Escrow Agent

Increasingly many brokers now don’t offer escrow accounts to handle rentals deposits and just turn over the deposit to the listing agent or landlord. This is asking for trouble and the ones that have their own in house escrow may be motivated to hold your deposit hostage a bit longer to try to keep the deal together. We work only with independent escrow agents and avoid the risk of putting your hard earned money in jeopardy.

Lease Management and Renewals

Our Service does not stop once you move, we help you setting you up with movers, payment reminders, service requests and renegotiate your lease. You can feel comfortable if you have questions now you can have someone you can trust to guide along the way and not another party trying to collect rent from you.


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