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Your Realtor Blew it – Your Miami Home Didn’t Sell: Here’s What to Do About it Now to Make Sure Your Home Sells in the Next 30 Days

Regardless of what happened or whose fault it is, your Miami home didn’t sell with the last Realtor who listed it. The important thing is, what are you going to do about it?

It may not be your fault – odds are, it isn’t – but it’s still your responsibility to take ownership of where you are right now, no matter how you got there.

You may be wondering why it’s your responsibility to make sure your Miami home sells. Technically, it isn’t. But until it sells, your life and your plans are held hostage by the fact that you still haven’t sold.

It’s crucial that you move on from the bad experience you may have had with the last Miami real estate agent you worked with. What’s in the past is in the past.

What’s really important from this moment on is exactly what your plan is to get your Miami home or condo sold… within the next 30 days.



I’m not asking you to suspend common sense. But I am asking you to listen carefully to everything I say over the next few minutes. It’s the secret to getting your Miami home or condo sold within the next 30 days…

  • Know where you’ll be going (and why) — If you’re interested in selling your Miami home or condo, it’s crucial that you know where you’re going and that you’re selling for the right reasons. It’s important that you convey this to me right away as I develop a marketing plan for your home.
  • Be Ready to Move Fast — Many people think they’re ready to sell their Miami home or condo… but they’re not always prepared for the possibility that a great offer could come quickly. Don’t be like one seller I know… An offer and sale came so quickly he had to scramble to get things moved out of his home to beat the clock for closing.
  • Understand what could be slowing progress down — As your real estate agent, it’s my job to be a straight shooter. This means that I’ll honestly tell you if I know of anything you could do to enhance the chances of a fast sale of your Miami home or condo. The good news? Follow my advice and you’ll get a faster sale, at a higher price, than you would otherwise. And that’s a winning proposition.
  • Make sure your real estate agent has a real plan for selling your Miami home or condo — Not all Miami home and condo marketing plans are created equal. Listing a home on the MLS is not a marketing plan. It’s a quick and simple first step. I’ll be glad to explain to you all the steps I’ll take to attract interest in your home and get it sold quickly. Understand that your home can sell for top dollar within 30 days.



Remember how I told you a minute ago that the past is in the past and that what may or may not have gone wrong with your Miami real estate agent really doesn’t matter?

Here’s why: You’re in a place where deals get done. My name is Juan Leal. With your permission, I’ll be guiding the future sale of your Miami home or condo.

If you know exactly why you’re selling…

…and you’re ready to close quickly on the sale of your Miami home or condo…

…and you’re amenable to listening to constructive advice from a genuine real estate pro who knows what it takes to get your home sold quickly…

…and you’d like to learn more about the customized plan I’ll develop to sell your Miami home or condo quickly — for top dollar — we need to talk.

And we need to talk today.

How we talk is completely up to you. That we talk is the impertinent part. You can call me at (305) 982-7405, you can fill in the handy contact form below or you can the chat box on the right.

The choice is yours.

But do reach out to me right now.

I’m ready, willing and able to help you sell your Miami home or condo today.